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Burn water.

Four layers of insulation, each with a specific purpose, keep the Lucifer windproof, waterproof, and breathable. It looks like a smoking two-piece but is actually one, joined in the middle. Your harness fits inside the suit – out of sight and out of mind. And for those extra long sessions there is a “Pee-Zip” that lets you go when you gotta go. Lucifer started a dry suit revolution and redefined the category, winning the coveted Red Dot design award in the process.

DR E068


4-Skin Fabric

Heavy-duty engineered fabric consisting of four layers to keep you dry and protected.

  • extremely wind and water-proof
  • moisture permeable
  • durable water repellency
  • comfortable next to skin
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Dry Zip at Crotch

The ‘Pee-Zip’ is a dry zip at the crotch because the designers at NP know that you cannot pee in your dry suit.

Fully Taped and Sealed

Waterproof tape used on all seams and specific latex seals to prevent the water from getting in.

Harness Hook Front Slits

The front of the jacket has two reinforced holes so the harness goes under the jacket like in snow kiting.



EURO: 46 48 50 52 54

Care Instructions

To get the best out of your Lucifer suit please pay attention to these usage and care tips.

Care Instructions

Please pay attention to these usage and care tips to get the best out of your Lucifer drysuit

Latex Seal Usage
Please take care when pushing your hands and feet through the latex wrist and ankle seals. Pull apart the seal opening before pushing your hand/foot through. Tearing may occur if too much force is applied without pulling apart the opening.
NP Wetsuits will not warranty latex seals that have been incorrectly used.

The fabric used for this suit is made from three layers which are waterproof, windproof and breathable, respectively. Due to the porous nature of breathable fabrics, water may penetrate the layer when submerged for an extended period of time. The fabric may also feel wet at times when moisture saturates the outer layer even though the inside remains dry.

Drysuit Care
Rinse after every use with cold water. Never use soap or chemicals. To dry, hang the drysuit on a wide-shouldered hanger. Avoid wire hangers. NEVER put your drysuit in a clothes dryer. Do not dry your drysuit in the sun. UV rays will damage the glue and tape on the drysuit. It will void your warranty. Store your drysuit in a cool, dark place. Do not leave it in hot or humid conditions. Leave all zippers open during storage.

Latex Cuff Care
One of the most easily damaged areas of your drysuit is the latex wrist and ankle cuffs. UV rays and chemicals from suntan lotion or dirt will break down the latex. Make sure you rinse the cuffs with water after use. For long-term storage, sprinkle a little baby powder on them to protect them from humidity.

Latex Cuff Repair

In case of latex cuff damage please follow these repair tips.

Latex Cuff Repair

Equipment: Aquaseal, finger cot, circular mold, solvent, masking tape

  1. Remove old latex cuff completely. You do not need to remove all the excess glue that is left on the nylon but do remove the large bumps left from the old glue so that the surface is smooth. The solvent will help soften the glue for removal.
  2. Trim the edge of the nylon cuff so that it is round and smooth.
  3. Insert circular repair mold in the nylon sleeve, allowing the mold to stick out approx 1 inch.
  4. Apply masking tape to the nylon sleeve so that approx ? inch of the area to be glued is exposed. The masking tape will help fix the position and keep excess glue from running down the sleeve.
  5. Flip new latex cuff inside out to clean and dry the area to be glued with solvent.
  6. Put on finger cot and apply an even layer of Aquaseal glue to the nylon cuff.
  7. Flip the new latex cuff right side up and put over the nylon cuff. Check that the edges are inline with the masking tape.
  8. Seal the glued area tightly with masking tape and let dry overnight.

Use the solvent and glue in a well ventilated area.
Wear protective gloves and eyewear.
Do not expose to open flames or sparks.
Do not overexpose to the fumes and avoid skin contact.
Store in cool and dry place.



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