My father Flavio has been windsurfing for over 20 years. When kiteboarding arrived in Italy he was one of the first trying it out. He didn’t get hooked that much. He only kites now when the wind is light and still windsurfs when the conditions are stronger. I, however, definitely got hooked, as my local spot is not much a windsurfing place due to light winds. Since I started, I was out in the water pretty much the whole time… when not studying.

After competing in gymnastics for four years and winning three Italian titles I decided to move to kiting competitions. This was in 2006 and already by 2009 I was four-time Italian Champion, having won every event in Italy.

2009 was also my first year on the PKRA World Tour but at the same time I started University – not ideal. So in 2010 I decided to focus fully on Kiteboarding and the results started coming in. I won five stops of the European Tour, became the first European Champion and finished 5th Overall on the PKRA World Tour. 

Seeing a lot of new places and having friends all around the world is just amazing. I am truly greatefull for all that the sport has given me.

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