Christian has loved the water since he was old enough to sink, and from that very early age he always believed that he’d grow up to be a surfer. This proved to be problematic and would be no mean feat for a young boy living on a farm in central England, better geographically suited to moto–cross and field sports. Waterskiing and wobbling around on a winsurf in gravel pits was hardly  the North Shore and achieving his dream was not the simplest of progressions via the rugby field, advertising and even selling Kirby vacuum cleaners. However having accumulated many years windsurfing and coaching, the excitement of learning a new sport prevailed, and thus the passion for kiting was born. Through kiting Christian has continued and furthered both his ability on the water and his love of coaching water-sports, which started over 20 years ago.

Christian (still not a bona fide surfer) now works with Karine, mixing their subtle blend of coaching experience, teaching knowledge, along with the obvious male/female differences and the formidable Anglo-Franco alliance. Together they have become one of the leading authorities on intermediate and advanced kitesurf coaching. Since 2003 they offer their guests a truly unique style and complete method of learning and improving during their clinics at various windy spots throughout the year and around the globe.

They have a growing bible of “homework” with over 120 variations of moves, regularly nudging kiters along with their popular technique articles in 

So if you fancy a full on week of energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, coaching, progression and fun, whilst squeezing in a year’s worth of learning, amongst a killer group of motivated people - indulge yourself in one of their unique clinics.

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