When I was six years old, my dad decided to move to Cape Town from Denmark. He had a lot of friends there and started up his own business. It wasn’t really ideal for me at that time although we went to visit him every winter. Back then I didn’t really get what was so fantastic about that place. Throughout the years that I would visit, it became clearer. So I decided that I would try and live there for seven months when I was done with school. The plan was to go to Cape Town and study math and English. Uuuhhmmmm?

When I turned 16 I left Denmark and went to Cape Town. It was ON! Seven months straight, away from school, spending some time with my dad. He used to windsurf quite a bit back then. I thought it was cool, but why wouldn’t he kitesurf? They jumped way higher, and it looked so much more fun. Some of his friends had already made the switch to kites instead of masts, and my dad quickly realised how great kitesurfing is. 

That’s when it all began!

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