NP and me share the exact same playground: THE OCEAN. The love for the wind, the water and kitesurfing is what drives me. Doing what I love and enjoy, is what truly makes me a happy human. It is the feeling kitesurfing gives me when I am flying over a wave. The adrenalin pumping in my body when I am landing a new trick. It is the smile on my face, when I feel blessed for the amazing session I just had. 

My passion for kitesurfing has been there since a very young age, and it still continues to grow. From my first sight I was SOLD! When I was around 10 years old I had my first experience with a trainer kite. One day a few years later, my dad came home with a present. He had bought me a second-hand kite! This was how it all started. 

Now I am traveling the world competing and training as a professional kitesurfer. I love to experience new places, meet new people and push my limits. 

I am working hard to reach my dreams and for my ambition to be realised, but I make sure I enjoy my journey along the way. Also my vision is to inspire young girls and boys to follow their dreams. With hard work, dedication and the right attitude, a person can go all the way.

Keep riding hard and never stop having fun!

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