Our Heritage

Creating Gear Like No Other

We have the best minds and experts in the industry who spend countless hours developing and bringing our equipment to life.  Testing and prototyping is only complete when we say it is ready for the ocean.

Our in-house facilities mean we never lose sight of this process. This enables the development of all proprietary technologies with the single purpose of improving the ride. 

This ensures everyone who chooses our Waterwear can ride in confidence knowing we’re with them at every moment on or in the water. 


We’ve been in this game a long time, witnessing the evolution of our sports from recreation to an increasingly competitive, performance-orientated world.This progression has demanded advanced equipment and we have always stepped up to meet the requirements of riders at every level. 

Obsessed by an ambition to exceed expectations and driven by a committed global team, we have earned a desired reputation for pushing the boundaries of performance on the water. Our products are sophisticatedly engineered and designed with purpose to empower riders to push further. 

Our Heritage


The Beginning

Company Establishment


The Journey

Our journey begins. We produce hundreds of thousands of sails for yacht builders globally.



Our windsurfing sails start their world championship winning and world record breaking streak. 


The First Wetsuit

As the number 1 windsurfing brand in Europe, we notice windsurfers need a tailored wetsuit. In ‘92, our first windsurfing wetsuits hit the water.


Made for Olympians

Barcelona: Honored as the official windsurfing equipment provided to the Olympic Games. 


The Naked Man

Waterwear is officially launched with the support of the iconic naked man. 


Ladies' Wetsuits

We continue to cause a stir in the windsurfing world with the help of Jenna De Rosnay, her birthday suit and a signature line of ladies’ wetsuits. 



We release the revolutionary, world’s first zipless entry Eclipse wetsuit.


Tailor Made

Recognizing the demand from an increasing number of kitesurfers, we develop Waterwear to cater for their needs. 



The launch of the revolutionary, red dot design award winning, Lucifer Dry Suit.


Still Breaking Records

Antoine Albeau, three decades later, continues our world record breaking reputation with a new sailing record of 49.09knts. 



Jason Polakow is the first windsurfer in history to tame the waves of Nazaré.


Burj Al Arab

Nick Jacobsen sends it off the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

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